Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cybils 2013 Call for Judges!

Do you post reviews of children's and/or young adult books on your blog? Or maybe apps? Or perhaps both?

Are you curious what it's like to sit on a virtual award committee? To engage in virtual book discussion about very real books, some of which may be delivered to your home address by publishers?

Have you always wanted to be part of a group that awards the finest and most kid-friendly literature in a given genre in a given year?

Yes, yes, and yes again? Well then you should apply to be a Cybils judge! Yes, YOU!

The Cybils are annual awards for children's and young adult literature organized and chosen by kidlit bloggers. These are the folks who read and review, read and review, until their library customers or students make a game out of trying to name a book the librarian hasn't read. That's how they pick the best of the best in terms of both literary quality and reader appeal.

In all seriousness, the Cybils are a tremendous award, and they annually recognize some really fantastic books and apps for young people. I look forward to the announcement of the finalists and winners every winter, and last year I was privileged to be a member of the Round 1 Middle Grade Fiction panel. I cannot participate this year as, ahem, I've got some other reading things going on at the moment. You, however, should seriously consider applying to be a Cybils 2013 judge. You smart thing, you.

The deadline to apply for a position as a Cybils judge is August 31, so get to it!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Hope your "ahem" is going well!