Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vote for #alaac14 Conversation Starters & Ignite Sessions!

The slate of possible Conversation Starters and Ignite Sessions for the 2014 ALA Annual Conference this summer has been announced, which means that it's time for folks like YOU to vote for the sessions you want to see take place in Vegas.

There are a ton of great options, and I encourage you to take ten minutes or so to look through them and cast your vote. Voting takes place between now and March 31 and will count for 30% of the selection process.

I'd also like to draw your attention to two Conversation Starter proposals in which I have a part. If either sounds like a session you'd be interested in seeing come to fruition, log in to ALA Connect (you don't need to be an ALA member to have an ALA Connect profile!) and give it the thumbs up.

Storytime: Not Just Reading Out Loud

Panel: Cory Eckert, Kendra Jones, and Amy Koester

Storytime presenters can get caught up in books—we’re librarians, after all! But reading is only 20% of the ECRR2 early literacy practices; the initiative asks us to sing, talk, play, and write as well. That means we should be spending at least as much time planning our songs and our play, letter knowledge, and response activities as we do planning our books. Join the Storytime Underground Joint Chiefs to learn about great storytime resources and share your best practices for widening parent and child horizons when it comes to early literacy. Parachutes, felt boards, and beyond!

Vote for "Storytime: Not Just Reading Out Loud" here (you'll need to log in to ALA Connect to give this session your thumbs up)!

We Make Everyday: How you're (most likely) already doing the makerspace thing

Panel: Justin Hoenke, Amy Koester, and Claire Moore

Makerspaces aren’t all 3D printers. At their core, makerspaces are about a simple maker attitude: to foster exploring new skills and creating in the library in meaningful ways. You may be surprised to find that making is already in everything you do--and if it isn’t, it can easily be incorporated. Join us to learn about how libraries are making everyday, including examples from the Chattanooga Public Library, Darien (CT) Library, and more. Explore a range of makerspace mentalities, including low- and medium-tech examples and ideas for tapping potential partners in your community. When you return from ALA, you’ll be able to grab some duct tape and glue and help your community start making!

Vote for "We Make Everyday" here (you'll need to log in to ALA Connect to give this session your thumbs up)!

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