Friday, March 21, 2014

Flannel Friday: Little Mouse, Little Mouse

When I first announced my 2014 goal to create a felt story or activity each month, I got a lot of encouragement from Flannel Friday-ers. I also got a fair number of recommendations for simple felt stories that really pack a punch with kids. One of the most recommended was "Little Mouse, Little Mouse."

Readers, I was skeptical. You see, the entirety of "Little Mouse, Little Mouse" is a felt mouse hiding behind one of several differently-colored felt houses. When the mouse is successfully hiding, the entire group chants together: "Little mouse, little mouse; are you in the *color* house?" The person leading the story then pulls back the appropriately-colored house to reveal whether the mouse was hiding there or not. Simple.

But, oh. The excitement! The cheers! The absolute disbelief when the mouse was not to be found inside a particular colored house, and then the absolute joy when it was discovered!

The moral of this story is: Make this felt board. It is simple and straightforward from the creator's perspective, it reinforces color knowledge and ideas of object permanence, and kids completely adore it. I can still hear them chanting: "Little mouse! Little mouse!"

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  1. Haha, I was skeptical of this one when I made it, and three years later, it's STILL A HIT.

  2. Yup, I was skeptical too and WOW they loved it! Have made a couple of spin-offs of this too that have been just as fun!

  3. I use some version of this in every storytime. It's easy to change out houses for shapes, add numbers to the houses, or swap the mouse for something like Santa.


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