Friday, February 28, 2014

Stick to the Glue for the Ukulele

This February, my new ukulele song is one to which I found the chords after learning the words at a Guerrilla Storytime in Chicago. Illinois librarian Lindsay Huth was at that Guerrilla Storytime and shared one of her favorite songs for having the wiggles: "Stick to the Glue," a rendition of "Skip to My Lou." I wanted to use this song because it doesn't require everyone to stand up; in many of my outreach classrooms, there simply isn't room for all the kids to stand up for a wiggle song, so sit-down versions are my bread and butter.

In this song, kids start out by pouring imaginary glue on their hands. Then, with each verse of the song, their hands get stuck to a part of their bodies (elbows, knees, shoulders, etc.). Kids can get out some energy after each verse as they have to use all their muscles to unstick their glued hands.

When I've shared this song on the ukulele, I usually sing it first without the instrument to demonstrate how it goes and how the actions work. Once the children have that down, I'll pick up my uke and we get to jamming.

Here are the chords I use for "Stick to the Glue":

If you're interested in an alternate version of this song, check out Jim Gill's version, which is a bit more active and requires kids to stand up.

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