Friday, February 21, 2014

Flannel Friday: Dog's Colorful Day

In continuing my 2014 story time resolution to begin creating felt stories, I decided to focus this month on creating a story using a book pattern. In choosing a story for this challenge, I looked to the box of books to consider for withdrawal on my desk. Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd was in the box thanks to a few too many tears on the well-read pages. Srince I had to get rid of the book and wouldn't have a replacement for a while, I figured the tale would make a great felt story.

Turns out that Dog's Colorful Day is something of a felt story staple. Search Flannel Friday and you'll see many a variation, which was incredibly helpful as I planned making my own pieces. In the end, I used this great printable pattern from After printing and cutting out the pattern for Dog, I cut out my felt Dog using a somewhat freestyle manner (I had forgotten where I'd put my sewing kit and straight pins). I then cut out circular spots freehand. I was quite pleased with my final product, which involved my first foray into puffy paint. And every time I've used this felt story in outreach story times, it's been a crowd-pleaser. Month two of felt story goal: complete!

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  1. If you ever don't have your sewing kit and straight pins handy, then you should try using scotch tape to hold down the pattern. It makes cutting felt 100x easier! I'm so excited you're getting into flannel stories!

  2. Dog's Colorful Day is a great one and that dog is so cute, Amy!

    1. Thanks, Abby! I almost had a puffy paint smudge crisis, but all turned out okay in the end. :)


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