Monday, July 15, 2013

Join the Storytime Underground!

I blogged recently about the terrific Guerrilla Storytimes that took place several afternoons at ALA. In case you were worried these Guerrilla Storytimes--this advocacy for youth librarians--might be an isolated occurrence, fear not. Because the Storytime Underground is live.

That's right, there's a whole website--nay, a whole community--dedicated to storytime guerrillas like you and the awesome work you do. The site went live last night, and Cory's opening post sets the tone perfectly. Go read it.

The whole point of the Storytime Underground is for youth librarians and their ilk to support each other, promote each other, and train each other. And to that end, I hope you'll get involved. That means making Guerrilla Storytimes happen at library events near you, and adding them to the Storytime Underground calendar. It means posing your storytime questions for the Ask a Storytime Ninja feature, and it means volunteering to be a storytime ninja because you have real expertise to share. Getting involved means sharing the great ideas you find online, be they your own or someone else's, so that the whole Storytime Underground community can benefit. It means sharing what you've learned through your library experience, and learning from the experience of your comrades. That's what the Storytime Underground can be.

So bookmark the site. Add it to your RSS feed. Join the Storytime Underground group on Facebook. Join us in this revolution.


I would be remiss to not thank the talented collaborators who made the Storytime Underground site what it is, especially in such short time. So thanks, Cory, for brilliant ideas and inspiring speeches; thanks, Kendra, for setting the framework and sharing great content ideas; and thanks, Anna, for hooking the site up with an awesome header graphic. I salute you all.

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  1. Amy, I just asked to join the Facebook group. What a phenomenal resource/encouragement/think tank!


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