Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What do you read in your baby programs?

There are lots of different ways to do programs for babies. I've shared my basic Bouncing Babies program format here on the blog, and while I usually stick to that format, I always look forward to hearing what some of the baby story time pros have to say. I know I can count on Melissa at Mel's Desk, Abby at Abby the Librarian, and Brooke at Reading with Red to share great ideas when it comes to baby programs, and they are always sources of inspiration for me.

I also find it inspiring when I find new titles--or, at least, titles that are new to me--that absolutely scream "Share me at Bouncing Babies!" I found just such a book last week in Baby Parade by Rebecca O'Connell with wonderful illustrations by Susie Poole. I shared this title earlier this week in Bouncing Babies, and everyone got really into the book. It can be terrifically interactive for little ones, as it invites listeners to wave to the babies on parade. If there's one motor skill babies and toddlers seem to master early on, it's waving. Thus I found this book a perfect addition to my go-to Bouncing Babies favorite reads.

And that got me thinking: what are your favorite books to read with babies in your baby programs? What have been your most successfully shared titles? My Bouncing Babies programs serve children from 1 through 23 months, so there's quite a developmental range there. Any tips on books I absolutely must get my hands on?

If you'd like to contribute the name of a book or two that you like to share in your baby programs, please do so using the form below. I'll compile the responses into a post to be shared here, most likely after ALA Annual Conference at the end of this month.


  1. Great question! I'm looking forward to the results :)

  2. What a wonderful idea Amy! Thank you for putting this together. It will be a wonderful resource for librarians everywhere.


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