Monday, December 24, 2012

App Review: Bridge Constructor

There are many conversations going on in the youth services world right now regarding tablet technology and apps in library services. The way I see it, it's my job to select great books, audio, and audiovisual content, and I use these exemplary materials in my programming--great apps should be no different. With that in mind, I am debuting app reviews on this blog. I aim to share apps that I have found to be entertaining, engaging, educational, and well-designed. Without further ado, the first review!

Bridge Constructor App Review

I've built a stable bridge!
App: Bridge Constructor from Headup Games
Platforms: iPad, iPhone (3 or higher), iPod Touch; Android; PC
Content Area: Physics
Age Recommendation: 6+
Premise: Players build bridges to span rivers, valleys, and canals in a fictional landscape. At the beginning of play, only wooden beams are available; the building materials available grow to include cables, concrete, and steel beams as players progress. Players must build each level's bridge on a limited budget, but there are no time limitations to the app. When players are ready to test a bridge design, they can tap icons to test the structure using cars or trucks. An unstable bridge will collapse during the test--the simulated bridge collapses are an enjoyable aspect of the app and do not discourage users.
     Players are able to earn points for their bridges based on cost, structural soundness, and test success; achievements can be shared via linked Facebook accounts, but this aspect is not required. Bridges increase in difficulty as players progress through the 30+ levels; hints are available.
Potential Library Uses:
  - Recommending in reference interviews
  - On library-owned devices for customer use
  - In programs to introduce the topic of bridge-building
Lite Version Available?: Yes


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Where do you go to find out about great apps for use in your library? Or do you just try them on your own?


  1. Glad to see another source! I use some of the sources you mentioned above, as well as SLJ and Horn Book, and the iMums (even though it is commercial, they do have good app reviews and freebies). Adding your blog to my Apps for Kids board on Pinterest.

    1. I'm aiming to post a review every two weeks--I'll be starting with STEM apps at first, since those are the ones I most use in my own library. Glad you find it useful!

  2. This looks like a very cool app. I'll definitely have to give it a try! If you are ever looking for additional apps, let me know. I have tried, and in some cases even reviewed, many apps, both for the guide I maintain at my library and outside of work for my blog. In particular, if you are interested in STEM-related apps you might want to take a look at Cargo-Bot (you can check out my review here:


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