Sunday, January 24, 2016

Librarianship on YouTube: Milk Planets

Today is the third annual Family Science Expo at my library, and I'll be running one of the staff-led activity stations from our craft room. What type of science will we do in there, you ask? We're doing simple chemistry by making milk planets--colorful, milky reactions that end up looking like gas giants!

Watch the video below to find out how to do this simple activity yourself using some basic household materials.


  1. This is pretty cool Amy, but do you worry about the waste of food? I always hesitate with food related projects, such as spaghetti towers etc. I wonder if parents raise objections?

    1. I've never had any objections to the library offering this activities. Occasionally a parent will say they're glad their kids can do the activity here at the library, with the implication that they wouldn't use [grocery item] at home. There are often just as many who express gratitude that they can do science activities with dollar store supplies. Also, we don't do these sorts of activities with food elements too often, so it doesn't feel as though we're being particularly wasteful with food.


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