Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Review: The Black Butterfly

Today I'm sharing an upcoming release from author Shirley Reva Vernick. I very much enjoyed this novel, and I can't wait to book talk it to my teens.

The Stats: The Black Butterfly by Shirley Reva Vernick, released May 27 from Cinco Puntos Press
The Synopsis: Penny's Christmas break is not going according to plan. Her mother, off on a ghost hunt in Idaho, has deserted Penny for the holiday and sent her to a bed and breakfast on an island in Maine owned by a woman she's never met. Things couldn't possibly get any worse, thinks Penny--until two unexpected things happen, that is. Romance and ghosts; they can turn any isolated holiday into an adventure.
The Review: This book is highly enjoyable and hits all the right notes for a teen reader. Penny's voice rings so true, bouncing back and forth between anger, intrigue, excitement, gratefulness, and everything in between. The plot has great variety, too, with a few unexpected ghosts, slowly-revealed family histories, and the forging of new friendships. All of these aspects are well balanced, with nothing feeling out of place or overdone. The bed and breakfast is well-drawn, adding a great sense of place to the story. There's also a perfect amount of kissing in this book, which I, and many of my teen readers, enjoy.
The Programming Connection: I'll be book talking this title lots in coming months, especially when the cold Maine winter will provide an excellent literary escape from the hot Missouri summer. I imagine my readers who enjoy Myra McEntire will be particularly pleased with this addition to our shelves.

Digital review copy provided by the author.

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