Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Walk at the Park

This past summer, a collaboration between my library and the county parks department resulted in some rather fetching natural-wood signs being permanently placed around a local park trail. While the impetus for those signs came down with the end of summer, both the library and parks department expressed an eagerness to continue our partnership through the winter instead of just waiting for next summer.

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The result is using several of these lovely signposts to share information that may be useful or interesting to our community members. The signs I created on behalf of the library feature what I hope will be some bits of inspiration for folks enjoying a winter walk. Using our library databases, I put together two different signs: one inviting hikers to look for three different birds native to Missouri this time of year; and one exploring the science and poetic beauty of snowflakes.

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The recent snowstorms prevented me from getting pictures of these signs in place out on the trail, but hopefully these images will suffice. I am thrilled that we're using library information sources to create a sort of mini-exhibit, full of images, information, and tips for using the library for further exploration of these topics.

Do you have any winter outreach to your community?


  1. These are great, Amy. Nice work! Your partnership with the parks is something I plan to blatantly copy. :)

    1. Copy away, Anne! The entire community benefits when organizations work together.


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